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rowid Unnamed: 0 How many sites do you have running on Wagtail? What kind of organisations are your Wagtail sites for? What are your priorities for Wagtail's direction in the next year? Please choose a maximum of three Why have you made these choices? Is there anything else you'd like to see in Wagtail?
12 11 More than 5 Commercial, Startup, Non-profit, Education, Governments Multi-language, Page editor rewrite (new UI built with React and an API), Live preview Support for translations takes time in every project, can be made way more standardized. Either page translations or for custom defined models. Editorial experience of > 4/5 blocks on a single page is still a thing to worry about. Got more and more comments about the quite large interface elements and non user-friendly of previewing. Way better support for headless setups, currently amount of websites we built headless are > 40%. Alternatives like Contentful are easier to intergrate. Specific parts: - Preview - Control over content in streamfields (APIField are ok, for blocks too much code) - Retrieve pages by path(s) rather than ID's - Integration with other libraries (more hooks in order to provide integration parts), like personalisation/translations