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rowid Unnamed: 0 How many sites do you have running on Wagtail? What kind of organisations are your Wagtail sites for? What are your priorities for Wagtail's direction in the next year? Please choose a maximum of three Why have you made these choices? Is there anything else you'd like to see in Wagtail?
120 119 More than 5 Non-profit, Education, Public sector Multi-language, Built in SEO fundamentals, Audit logging Multi-language: this is something that I've had to do implementation work in the last year, and found the available solutions a bit clunky for both developers and editors. Having slicker, out-of-the-box handling for multiple languages would make Wagtail a competitive choice for sites with a more international focus - and possibly help Torchbox win work with more clients outside of the English-speaking world, including UK sites with a mandated requirement for Welsh-language pages. Built-in SEO fundamentals: we have great in-house expertise for SEO who we can work with to make Wagtail a leader in how CMSs do SEO. This is already being looked at for Kitsite, with Kevin and Nick Vines having started a closer collaboration in the last couple of months. Audit logging: this is something that's come up as a nice-to-have in discussions with several clients I've worked with. I suspect that this will become a stronger/more common requirement if we want to work with more highly-bureaucratic clients like government departments - and especially if we're pursuing ISO 27001 compliance and wanting to work with ISO 27001-conscious organisations.