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rowid Unnamed: 0 How many sites do you have running on Wagtail? What kind of organisations are your Wagtail sites for? What are your priorities for Wagtail's direction in the next year? Please choose a maximum of three Why have you made these choices? Is there anything else you'd like to see in Wagtail?
37 36 More than 5 Non-profit, Public sector Multi-language, Full multi-tenancy, Audit logging The multi-tenancy support would help In multiple cases for web apps/sites that I have deployed this way. Same with multi-language support, I haven't had put a single Wagtail instance without language support as it's a core need. These, combined with audit logging, are just basic core features needed for wagtail. The other features on the least seemed like basic 'nice to haves'. If I had the ability to pick a fourth it would certainly be accessibility. The fancy stuff can come after these issues are solved and functionality baked in. Especially multi language support, since while it works with external modules, it is clunky and feels very much like a jury rigged setup for a very fundamental system support. Those would be great, otherwise better linkages to Django admin, the Wagtail interface is great, but it doesn't support some usability areas, I.e. inlines, or dynamic inlines.