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Link rowid ▼ Unnamed: 0 How many sites do you have running on Wagtail? What kind of organisations are your Wagtail sites for? What are your priorities for Wagtail's direction in the next year? Please choose a maximum of three Why have you made these choices? Is there anything else you'd like to see in Wagtail?
101 100 1 Education Page editor rewrite (new UI built with React and an API), Wagtail admin API   • Moderation workflow • Programmatic object creation • Tagging improvements • Extensible view restrictions (permissions!)
102 101 1 Public sector Accessibility, UX research & improvements, Live preview These are the most important things I am missing when trying to design content/UX for sites. Functionality including: • a progressive disclosure accordion pattern, as at here: https://design-system.service.gov.uk/components/accordion/ • amend formatting of bullets so that font size is same as body content and bullets are black, not grey • expand numbered bullets to also include letters and numbers, for example, 1, 2, 3, a, b, c, i, ii, iii - this will become increasingly important as we do more council policy content • amend spacing issue - between paragraphs/bullets and headings, both have a padding issue
103 102 1 Education Documentation, Multi-language, Wagtail admin API I'm working in a multi language environment where every page needs to be in at least two languages. To customize wagtail to my needs documentation and admin api are key. Better image and file integration into admin. I tried to work on the file and image list pages last year, but couldn't quite get my head around the permission system. I'd like to see a wagtail dev channel in slack, where one could ask questions according to wagtail development.
104 103 1 Startup, Non-profit UX research & improvements, Multi-language Multi-language is daunting. Diffing versions with streamfield/rich text is not user-friendly  
105 104 More than 5 Commercial Page editor rewrite (new UI built with React and an API), Live preview Everything else is done very well. Streamblocks just need some better UI so content editors can unleash their creativity in a more straightforward way. Admin CP might use some popular CSS/JS framework like Vue/React & Bootstrap, so it will be much easier to develop additional modules with the same look & feel!
106 105 1 Public sector Page editor rewrite (new UI built with React and an API), Wagtail admin API We're making a lot of in-house UX changes to the editor and admin flows. We've found ways to achieve what we need so far with a combination of template tags, js, and custom view endpoints, but it would be much easier to achieve the features on our roadmap if we could have a decoupled page editor with an API.  
107 106 More than 5 Non-profit, Education, Public sector, Media Documentation, UX research & improvements Documentation wise I feel like it could be nicer then readthedocs, docs are another way to show off how wagtail works. UX research - a few projects I've worked has seen me making small updates to wagtail core for some cms UI tweaks. Small things like capital case for all field labels etc. Similar to django-admin a default view showing tags, if the Taggit functionality is being used.
108 107 2-5 Non-profit, Education Documentation, UX research & improvements, Multi-language    
109 108 More than 5 Non-profit, Public sector Multi-language, Better performance, Audit logging Accountability is very important in the public sector, so audit logging would be a quick win. Better performance, because I feel it can often get overlooked when there are more exciting things to work on, but can make a huge impact. Not every project is well suited to upstream caching, which can often cover a multitude of sins. Multi-language/localisation because I feel it's something that is important for so many sites, but it's so often done badly, which taints developers views of Wagtail unnecessarily. We don't feel far away from having a solid solution figured out. I would say multi-tenancy, but I'm feeling more and more that it's a bit of a red herring. In almost all cases where I've seen projects trying to achieve true separation within the same instance, I've felt it really would have just been better to keep things simple and just host the same codebase multiple times - Support for prefetch_related on ParentalManyToMany - A more complete set of signals for page changes, to better support complex caching strategies
110 109 More than 5 Non-profit, Education, Public sector Accessibility, Documentation, Live preview I think they are both realistic and high-impact.  
111 110 1 Commercial, Startup, Non-profit, Education Accessibility, Documentation, Multi-language Critical for what we are launching and where our road map is going.  
112 111 More than 5 Commercial, Non-profit, Education, Public sector Wagtail admin API, Better performance, Audit logging Wagtail admin API - makes writing third party apps simpler and smoother. Better performance seems like an easy win in terms of query optimization, and something that a lot of people are clearly interested in. Audit logging - now we have the new workflow timeline (when released), similar info for other events seems like a natural extension for users. Simplifying admin template structure and making it more reusable, and continuing to move modeladmin features into core
113 112 More than 5 Education Accessibility, Full multi-tenancy, Live preview We run over 200 sites in 3 installs all with the same code base. So full multi-tenancy is vital for us. Similarly, we have gotten threats of being sued over accessibility issues so that is also important to us (all the issues in the threat were problems of our own making, not Wagtail's). And finally, though none of our users have complained about the editor looking very different than the page it produces, I would love to have a live preview. That's something I miss from other CMSs I have built and used. I would love to be able to drag and drop blocks within the page editor. If that is something a React + api rewrite would afford, then change my 'live preview' vote to 'react page editor'
114 113 2-5 Commercial, Agency UX research & improvements, Live preview Because I use it most as an editor and see some glossy features in other systems that I'd like us to have. Auto-save, more personalisation features.
115 114 More than 5 Education, Public sector Page editor rewrite (new UI built with React and an API), Audit logging, Live preview I'd like our editors & moderators to be happy.  
116 115 More than 5 Commercial, Startup, Non-profit UX research & improvements, Page editor rewrite (new UI built with React and an API), Live preview Almost all of our users are WordPress converts. Most of them value the ability to edit independently without developer assistance, that is their #1 concern. As such a beautiful and enchanting UI carries more weight (for better or worse) than virtually any other feature when trying to sell Wagtail, which for most buyers is still an unheard of CMS. Developers on the other hand are already sold and can implement most any other feature into Wagtail as needed. Focus on a competitive and cutting-edge UX is essential for Wagtail to be sought out by non-developers.  
117 116 More than 5 Non-profit, Public sector Accessibility, UX research & improvements, Built in SEO fundamentals I believe these 3 will have the greatest impact on my clients' ability to create successful website content. Decent content review and workflow improvements
118 117 1 Non-profit Accessibility, Multi-language, Page editor rewrite (new UI built with React and an API) Page editor - big request from our content editors is to be able to breakup text streamfield blocks after they've been created so images etc can be placed between them. Multi-language might become a bigger priority for us given work with Welsh Government Accessibility improvements should always be high up on the agenda! Support for Gifs or other forms of code embed - eg. to embed a tweet without the need to host in an iframe
119 118 More than 5 Non-profit, Education, Public sector, Culture Accessibility, UX research & improvements Accessibility - the work for DIT shows we have lots more to do in this area. UX research and improvements - I think there are some areas that have confusing UX e.g. the page ordering functionality, which clients can never find. Also finding how to get a list of pages using a certain page type is hard to do. Another area where I think UI could be improved is in the streamfield blocks area - if you have multiple nested blocks it becomes hard to tell whether you are adding a component of a block or a new block, and the layout can get messy too. I think writing accessible clean markup is probably more of a priority than rewriting in React although that may achieve the same goal.  
120 119 More than 5 Non-profit, Education, Public sector Multi-language, Built in SEO fundamentals, Audit logging Multi-language: this is something that I've had to do implementation work in the last year, and found the available solutions a bit clunky for both developers and editors. Having slicker, out-of-the-box handling for multiple languages would make Wagtail a competitive choice for sites with a more international focus - and possibly help Torchbox win work with more clients outside of the English-speaking world, including UK sites with a mandated requirement for Welsh-language pages. Built-in SEO fundamentals: we have great in-house expertise for SEO who we can work with to make Wagtail a leader in how CMSs do SEO. This is already being looked at for Kitsite, with Kevin and Nick Vines having started a closer collaboration in the last couple of months. Audit logging: this is something that's come up as a nice-to-have in discussions with several clients I've worked with. I suspect that this will become a stronger/more common requirement if we want to work with more highly-bureaucratic clients like government departments - and especially if we're pursuing ISO 27001 compliance and wanting to work with ISO 27001-conscious organisations.  
121 120 2-5 Education Accessibility, Built in SEO fundamentals, Live preview got to get the basics right - and that includes being able to send preview links to clients :)  
122 121 1 Non-profit, Education Accessibility, Better performance, Live preview User functionality is key. Being able to see live preview would be very useful. Better performance especially in Elastic Search. Better search functionality - ability to configure from the Wagtail admin.
123 122 1 Non-profit, Education Accessibility, Better performance, Live preview User functionality is key, the ability to see a live preview would be really helpful. better search function
124 123 2-5 Non-profit Accessibility, Multi-language, Page editor rewrite (new UI built with React and an API) Multi-language and improved page editor are things my projects would immediately benefit from. Accessibility just seems like an ethical good.  
125 124 2-5 Public sector Accessibility, UX research & improvements, Multi-language We are building a large network of sites for our county on wagtail. Accessibility is important because with it being a large government site, the more users able to access it with ease and work with it is obviously a good thing. UX research & improvements because I've had to do things like write custom conditional logic managers, and i feel like on a CMS platform thats already this versatile, conditional logic could stand to be implemented into core. Then again, I could always just write my own which is nice :P I think also the general UI could be slimmed down a bit to include less padding, and mobile responsiveness would be good out of the box too. I personally feel like when i have a streamfield with a ton in it on the page, theres just so much scrolling to navigate the content there. We have applied our own css rules to cut back on the padding, but this is just a personal nitpick haha. Just throwing it out there. Multi-language support would also be an amazing feature to have built into core, again for accessibility reasons. We are currently in the beginning stages of figuring out our own multi lingual solution because its a requirement for these government sites often times. Better support for nested orderables. I frequently encounter bugs when nesting more than one level deep. I plan on posting some bug reports but I haven't had time just yet. They also are just a little buggy, I had to write a script to add missing values that weren't being added when a min_num was set. Itd be awesome if orderables could just get a little revamp/better support for more situations like nesting. It would be nice if every type of panel had the ability to add classes. For example, its weird that I can add a class to a DocumentChooserPanel by default, but not an ImageChooserPanel by default. Some level of out of the box theme-ability on the admin side would be pretty nice too.
126 125 More than 5 Commercial, Startup, Non-profit Documentation, Better performance, Built in SEO fundamentals I feel like the documentation could be more detailed than it is right now, making it easier for newbies. Additionally, the third-party SEO plugins are not well updated, however they do work just fine.  
127 126 More than 5 Non-profit, Education, Public sector Documentation, Full multi-tenancy, Live preview Anticipated need  
128 127 2-5 Non-profit, Education, Public sector, Culture, Media Accessibility, Documentation, Better performance In brief: Accessibility: Because it's a particular focus for a lot of our clients and better accessibility benefits us all Documentation: We have found that new developers have struggled to find what they need in the docs. Performance: Not that the performance is bad per se but like accessibility, better performance benefits us all (these answers may be too brief. Happy to elaborate if needed) Nothing specific, we've been able to build things in Wagtail that we could never dream of in Drupal. We've been officially using Wagtail for client work for a couple of years now and we absolutely love it. Keep up the good work!
129 128 1 Non-profit UX research & improvements, Multi-language, Built in SEO fundamentals My website needs to reach people from different language backgrounds. Admin UI with collapsible sections
130 129 More than 5 Commercial Page editor rewrite (new UI built with React and an API) Page editor rewrite just sounds like a good idea although it works great just now. Some times I do feel streamfields are difficult to work though going down the page when there's a lot of entries, a pain point for my customers who don't spend that much time in the admin and only do occasional updates, they get lost. Mostly when adding lots of images for a gallery but especially if the stream field has nested stream blocks of a couple of depths. As a thought... I'd like to see at least some type of named navigation towards the top of the page to 'jump down to a section'. Another feature I would like to see is documentation snippets that can be viewed next to each block. I currently try to use the help text but sometimes what you need to say can be quite long.  
131 130     Multi-language, Live preview Multi-language seems like a common (and useful) requirement, Live preview would be a great editor experience improvement (and it looks cool :-) )  
132 131 1 Non-profit, Education, Public sector Documentation, Multi-language, Audit logging Discovered wagtail 3 days ago, and I’m totally convinced. But to my humble opinion, the documentation is still poor. I checked the Multi-Language box because I think you have the potential to natively implement this feature (either with modeltranslation or something else) Feature to 1) easily implement and administrate multi-level tree structure class. 2) translate models, think modeltranslation on steroids and natively integrated with easy frontend integration
133 132 More than 5 Commercial, Startup, Non-profit, Education, Public sector, Culture, Media Multi-language, Wagtail admin API, Better performance, Full multi-tenancy   An abstract / custom Page model base would be a dream. Being able to override or define additional fields on a concrete model would save us a lot of time and code headaches. The ability to pickle Streamfield data would be super helpful too. Also, more for Modelcluster, but being able to prefetch ParentalManyToMany fields and image renditions would be a excellent!

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